Ztje was found on #mp3. She wanted a song called something like Hallucinogen Altered Reality or something. She got Sigge Fürst. But she thinks its the right song.



<Ztje> so can i do you a favor with an other song???

<s3if3R> you're on a modem, right?

<Ztje> right its very slow :(

<Ztje> sorry

<s3if3R> oh.

<s3if3R> We need fast ships on wärschhavet.

<s3if3R> what happened?

<Ztje> i don't know :(

<Ztje> can you send again??

<s3if3R> donät u wanät it or what?

<Ztje> pls

<s3if3R> let's try again

<Ztje> thanx

<Ztje> very much

<Ztje> so you live in congo

<Ztje> thats far from me, i've never been to africa :)

<s3if3R> really?

<s3if3R> how come?

<Ztje> its to expencive

<Ztje> a trip overthere

<Ztje> i have alway wanted to visit africa but i did not have the chance yet :)

<Ztje> so how old are you??

<s3if3R> 60

<Ztje> and you still sail??

<s3if3R> we have just aquired IT-net here in congo.

<Ztje> :)

<Ztje> you like it ?

<s3if3R> yes, I'm sitting in my cabin right now as a matter of fact.

<s3if3R> yes, it's great.

<Ztje> yea, with us we have fibercable , VERY VERY VERY VERY fast but VERY VERY VERY expensive

<s3if3R> yes.

<s3if3R> I'm on a satelite-LAN running 1gflops to NYC.

<s3if3R> very expensive.

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> But I developed the technology, so of course it's free for me

<s3if3R> yey

<Ztje> nice

<Ztje> ow i c

<s3if3R> yup.

<Ztje> you are a very pro !

<s3if3R> I used to work for IBM before they got big.

<Ztje> i see

<s3if3R> But then I had a crisis and headed for the ocean instead

<s3if3R> but now I'm back in the business.

<s3if3R> *hold on*

<s3if3R> *phonecall

<s3if3R> *

<Ztje> i work for Packard Bell as a matter of fact

<s3if3R> really?

<s3if3R> What's your name?

<Ztje> i am a sales representative :)

<Ztje> Vannesa

<Ztje> yours??

<s3if3R> hmmm...

<s3if3R> never heard of u....

<s3if3R> I have been doing a lot of business with packard over the years...

<Ztje> how do you mean??

<s3if3R> of course, that was SOME time ago.

<Ztje> but i work in a small office :)

<Ztje> in antwerp

<Ztje> i am only working there for only 6 months

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> oh ok.

<s3if3R> that's why.

<s3if3R> btw, do u know if pb is developing any topset satelite controlled boxes?

<Ztje> i would not know, sorry

<s3if3R> That was Shiba on the phone, Sony, he's getting a bit anxious about our business deal, seeing how pb IS a strong contender in the field.

<Ztje> i see

<s3if3R> I'm developing a component for the new playstation 2,

<Ztje> they have develloped a simular tech?

<Ztje> nice dude

<s3if3R> which will give it the possibility to control all house appliances

<Ztje> i've got an old one

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> such as microwaves, toasters, stereo systems, alarms, waterclosets and so on.

<s3if3R> and pb is developing such a thing especially for large kitchens.

<Ztje> i 've been an the presantation of sony playstation where they presentend the new ps2

<Ztje> cool

<s3if3R> did u like it?

<Ztje> i didn't know that

<s3if3R> it's got a nice design.

<Ztje> yes I did

<s3if3R> dark-looking.

<Ztje> you can play DVD on it CD's !

<Ztje> yea

<s3if3R> The one I got didn't have a shell

<s3if3R> :-(

<Ztje> :(

<Ztje> 67%

<Ztje> almost ther

<Ztje> e

<s3if3R> yey!

<Ztje> i've got to change to a faster connection!!

<s3if3R> asfdlgasdpfogn!

<s3if3R> what happened!!!!

<s3if3R> your net isn't exactly stable.....

<Ztje> SHIT!

<Ztje> SHI!

<Ztje> t

<s3if3R> god damnit....

<Ztje> ;(

<Ztje> damn

<s3if3R> ok, i have time for one more try

<Ztje> thanx

<Ztje> :)

<Ztje> i real love that song

<Ztje> but i can nowhere find it

<Ztje> and now I have found you

<Ztje> thanx again

<Ztje> :)

<Ztje> i don't know why

<Ztje> it always bracks down??

<s3if3R> Are u good at computers?

<Ztje> it depends why?

<s3if3R> I mean I could help u with your connection

<Ztje> yes explain :)

<Ztje> what can you do?

<s3if3R> *thinking*

<Ztje> :-)

<s3if3R> by the way, would u like me to send u a trial version of my playstation-appliance when it's ready?

<Ztje> I hope i works this time

<s3if3R> It's called darkneSS

<Ztje> sure

<s3if3R> the ss's stand for SateliteService

<Ztje> if you want to :)

<Ztje> i see

<Ztje> how does it work??

<s3if3R> the name comes from the first thing I managed to make it control

<s3if3R> I connected it through Tekken 4 to a lightbulb

<Ztje> ???

<s3if3R> and managed to get it to turn the light off every time i got punched.

<Ztje> shti

<Ztje> shit

<s3if3R> I know, it's a bit weird, but what the heck!

<Ztje> you realy mean that?

<s3if3R> yup.

<s3if3R> Took around a year.

<Ztje> cool

<Ztje> but what can you do with it?,

<s3if3R> There was NO software, NO hardware, so I had to do it all from scratch.

<s3if3R> It's meant to be able to control your house, through the gamepad.

<Ztje> cool

<s3if3R> survailance camera, all kinds of things.

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> yup.

<s3if3R> Surveilance is the future.

<Ztje> did you already sell it to Sony?

<s3if3R> I have a question for you.

<Ztje> yes

<s3if3R> Oh, it's co-developed with sony.

<Ztje> i see

<Ztje> what was you question?

<s3if3R> anyway, I would REALLY like to know if pb has kept on developing their version.

<s3if3R> I know you're not really allowed to tell me about that stuff....

<s3if3R> but it'd really help....

<s3if3R> you really like this song, right? :-P

<Ztje> i don't know that but i could ask the product manager :)

<Ztje> yes ?

<Ztje> i don't know that but i could ask the product manager :)

<Ztje> yes ?

<s3if3R> that'd be great.....

<s3if3R> just keep it down.

<s3if3R> ok?

<s3if3R> but it's ok if u promote my idea, it's official.

<Ztje> i could inform about that but i can't tell you with assurance because if they are they will ceep it very secret!

<s3if3R> there's even info on the Sony-site.

<s3if3R> Yeah, well, maybe u can find something out....

<s3if3R> but what's your mail add, if u want darkneSS?

<Ztje> i will try

<Ztje> give me your e-mail

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> there's also a plugin for darkneSS called dumhuVVe

<s3if3R> would u like that as well to try? It'd be great.

<s3if3R> I'm looking for competent alpha-testers.

<Ztje> area51@be.packardbell.org

<Ztje> ill try it out

<s3if3R> ok, so I'll mail u an alpha-testing formula

<s3if3R> with my add and everything on it.

<s3if3R> Are you running windows`

<s3if3R> ?

<Ztje> but i can't tell that i will promote it because its again company police !

<s3if3R> no, I want u to alpha-test it first of all

<Ztje> policy !

<s3if3R> :-)?

<s3if3R> :-) even

<Ztje> ok

<s3if3R> so, are u running windows?

<Ztje> ill test it and ill send my opinion

<Ztje> yes

<s3if3R> ok, so u want dumhuVVe windows.....

<Ztje> uh maybe :)

<s3if3R> do u know anything about windows ini-files? I think I know what the problem is with your modem....

<Ztje> yes

<Ztje> something

<s3if3R> ok.....

<s3if3R> do u know what shell is?

<Ztje> no not exacty

<s3if3R> ok....

<s3if3R> do it like this....

<Ztje> yes

<s3if3R> first, which version are u running?

<Ztje> 98

<s3if3R> ok. thought so. No prob.

<s3if3R> u see, when 98 was shipped, it came with IT-possibilities, but they weren't fully developed yet.

<s3if3R> hence, some of the It-capacities weren't installed.

<Ztje> i see

<Ztje> so what do i have to do ??

<s3if3R> This was because some computers weren't supported by the internet-.

<Ztje> yes thats true i know

<s3if3R> This causes the computer to experience what is called pung-errors

<s3if3R> kind of like ping, but without a response.

<Ztje> i c

<Ztje> so what do i have to do to resolve that?

<s3if3R> so, u need to deactivate the active explorer-cache, which floods the pung from time to time, causing it to flood out streams of data which disconnects the stream from your proxy.

<s3if3R> ok, that was perhaps a bit too technincal :-)

<s3if3R> anyways, the solution is easy.

<Ztje> eh eh ??????

<s3if3R> open up the dosprompt.

<Ztje> yes and the solution is?

<s3if3R> 1. open up the dosprompt.

<Ztje> yes

<Ztje> 2?

<s3if3R> 2 .change dir to windows. do u know how to do that?

<Ztje> yes

<Ztje> cd windows?

<s3if3R> yup.

<s3if3R> what's the current dir, first?

<Ztje> wait

<Ztje> one moment

<Ztje> c:/

<s3if3R> ok

<s3if3R> type cd windows.

<Ztje> ok

<s3if3R> crap.....

<Ztje> ok

<Ztje> crap?

<s3if3R> U really need to fix this prob.... the file stopped again.....

<Ztje> noooooooooooooooo

<s3if3R> 99%.......

<Ztje> it can't be

<s3if3R> ok fix thsi first

<s3if3R> this

<s3if3R> are u in the windows dir?

<Ztje> so i don't have the file ???

<Ztje> shit shit shti

<Ztje> yes

<s3if3R> fix this first, and we'll check that later

<s3if3R> are u in the windows dir?

<Ztje> ok

<Ztje> yes

<s3if3R> ok

<s3if3R> type:

<s3if3R> edit win.ini

<Ztje> yes

<Ztje> i get i program :)

<s3if3R> ok.

<s3if3R> can u find a row that says shell=explorer.exe?

<Ztje> wait

<s3if3R> it's at the top somewhere.

<Ztje> no i don't find it

<s3if3R> edit system.ini

<s3if3R> could be the one then.

<Ztje> do you think??

<s3if3R> check it.

<s3if3R> yes.

<Ztje> where do i have to type it?

<s3if3R> its' different on different computer brands.

<s3if3R> oh.

<s3if3R> first use file/exit

<s3if3R> or ctrl-x

<s3if3R> to return to the dosprompt.

<Ztje> ok

<s3if3R> then type edit system.ini

<s3if3R> and find the row that says

<s3if3R> shell=explorer.exe

<s3if3R> and change it to

<s3if3R> shell=ITexplore.d4

<s3if3R> and save the file.

<s3if3R> to find the song,

<Ztje> you are sure ?

<s3if3R> believe me, I've done it a billion times.

<Ztje> yes?

<s3if3R> go to the windows-menu, and choose find file

<s3if3R> and the type the group name

<s3if3R> and press search.

<s3if3R> rave on!

* s3if3R gots to go . . .

<Ztje> i ve got it

<Ztje> but what have i got to do??

<s3if3R> and remember :. dumhuVVe isn't a name - it's a state of mind . . . . .

<Ztje> wait!!!

<s3if3R> what?

<s3if3R> to play it?

<Ztje> for the virtual zone

<s3if3R> yes what?

<Ztje> no i've got only 99

<Ztje> %

<s3if3R> doesn't matter.

<Ztje> oh

<Ztje> ok

<Ztje> :)

<Ztje> thanx

<s3if3R> just toss it into the mp3-player.

<s3if3R> but change the shell first.

<Ztje> i send me an mail ok?

<Ztje> shell form the mp3player??

<s3if3R> nonononono

<s3if3R> the stuff i told u before about the system.ini

<s3if3R> if u change the shell in the mp3-player, there is a LARGE change you'll format your hard drive by chance!

<s3if3R> the mp3-player has direct processor-authority.

<Ztje> ok but i"ve already chanched that

<Ztje> thanx again

<Ztje> but

<s3if3R> That is required to play mp3s.

<s3if3R> yes?

<Ztje> it isn't the song i wanted

<Ztje> ;(

<s3if3R> oh. sorry...

<s3if3R> that sucks, huh?

<Ztje> does not matter

<s3if3R> ok.

<Ztje> i like it

<Ztje> :)

<s3if3R> awright! :-)

<Ztje> ok

<Ztje> bye bye

<Ztje> good luck with your project!!!!

<s3if3R> ok, just remember to scroll right the next time you start windows, or it might not work.

<s3if3R> the mouse is directly connected to the same chip that controls the memory-functions,

<s3if3R> which in turn control the freq on your display.

<s3if3R> normally, it isn't a problem, the only time u have to be wary is when changing shells.

<s3if3R> But it's no biggie.

<s3if3R> Just keep scrolling right the whole time you start up, there isn't a problem

<s3if3R> And I know - one does feel stupid. But hey, don't blame me, it's Microsoft who designed the thing!

<s3if3R> :-)

<s3if3R> still there?

<s3if3R> ok gotta go. I'll mail you the alpha-formula.