The d4rkn3ss hardware-computer museum.

Hardwärsch is fun. This is the d4rkn3ss hardware museum
Only machines worthy of the "d4-|33+-museum-mark" is noted.

AmigaCD32 Amiga CD32

The Amiga CD32 was Commodere Amigas attempt to make it to the consol market. It's really an Amiga 1200 without peripherals.
It flopped.

Radio Shack TRS-80 Radio Shack TRS-80

Our precious radio. A color computer from the original wargames company. A gift to d4rkn3ss from Mr Fluff Daddy.

Atari STE Tower Atari 1040 STE Tower Mounted

An Atari 1040 STE 4mb, Tower mounted for pure pleasure.
With seperate keyboard fitted in a keytronik chassis and specialy soldered vga cable.

Commodore 16 Commodore 16

Budget model of the Commodore 64 with only 16kb ram and no expantion ports.
But extremely goodlooking in it's black breadbox.

Parat Parat

A clone of the classic pong machine from Atari. In beautiful Orange outfit.

Atari 520 ST Atari 520 ST

The original ST with separate single sided diskdrive and 512k ram.

Photo Session in Progress. Nintendo Entertainment System

A NES machine with a big pile of games, zapper and monsterous gamepad.

Nes With Rom-emu. NES with rom-emulator

A NES machine with rom-emulator for programming assembler on a NES without need of burning a rom.

The master of the system Sega Master System

The original Sega gameconsol 8bit power with lightgun.

Pluffsy C64! Commodore 64

We got a bunch of c64's but this one is the nicest with it pluffsy outfit. As we say it, pluffsy coding roxx.

Romburner Romburner for C64

If you want to make your own music playing routine integrated in the kernel rom of your c64 you need one of these. Or maybe you want to do your own nintendo game.

Photo Session in Progress. Amiga 4000/040 PPC

Big tower mounted Amiga 4000 040 PPC with about 7 disks and even more fans to keep it cold.

Photo Session in Progress. Pirate Famicom with keyboard

A "home computer", polish pirate nintendo famicom machine with keyboard and some built in office applications.

Photo Session in Progress. Amiga 4000/030

An Amiga 4000 030 in original desktop case.

LinuxStation Linux Playstation 2

A standard Sony Playstation 2 with official Linux kit.Complete with, harddrive, network, mouse and keyboard. Ain't that about the coolest looking machine you can have?

Photo Session in Progress. Amiga 500++

And upgraded Amiga 500+, runs in 16mhz.

Macintosh Classic II Macintosh Classic II

A Macintosh in the original Macintosh stylie case. Much better looking then the iMac.

ey pirate!