d4rkn3ss was brought to life in the fall of 1999, to honorably fight the evil wärschpirates with the rapier, love, sympathy, and lunix as weapons.

The first demoparty-trip d4rkn3ss made (dreamhack 99) resulted in the recruit of two true wärschpirates - Misfit and MrsCarrot. The pirates of d4rkn3ss loved their new crew like family. After the trip in 2000 to Little Computer People (LCP) d4rkn3ss found bananmos stranded on a deserted island. His deserterd state ended when he too joined the sailor crew.
 At dreamhack 2000 we recruited johey. And, in the beginning of this summer, we found eldskatt in a d4rk and c0zy Virtual Reality Center.
  And to our delight trilli4n finally decided to join the crew on there ship. Later both 40ounce and OpenTokix joined. After thorough calculation, results showed space was enough for more crew and the beautiful pirate nocturna joined the crew in the next harbour.

And that takes us to the present. Stay tuned!

Quite a lot of demos have also been made in the love giddy. d4rkn3ss hopes you've all seen our demos, and pixels, and music, and movies, and animations, and global domination schemes... or no... belay that... make that... two with no cheese...

If not, you'd better have a look at the 31'+ Stuff page.

To this date d4rkn3ss has attended:

Dreamhack 1999
The Party 1999
Dreamhack 2000
Little Computer People 2000
Hype 2000
The Party 2000
Mekka & Symposium 2001
Underscore 2001
Remedy 2001
Little Computer People 2001
Dreamhack 2001
Mastersystem 2001
The Party 2001
Hype 2002
Mekka & Symposium 2002
Arranging Mainframe 2002
Underscore 2002
Dreamhack 2002
Compusphere 2002
The Party 2002
Berzan 2003
Hype 2003
Floppy 2003
Underscore 2003
Assembly 2003
Arranging Mainframe 2003
Arranging Dreamhack Dreamhack 2003
Hype 2004
Remedy 2004
Arranging Dreamhack winter 2004
misc 2005
Dreamhack 2005
misc 2006
Dreamhack 2006
Breakpoint 2007
Breakpoint 2008

ey pirate!