The d4rkn3ss downloads, only |33+50Mf4N stuff!

d4rkn3ss demo productions

2019-08-09 - Unfortnately the links to stopped working for 14+ years ago, so just ignore that and move on with your life.


(divx version 28 meg)
Linux OpenGL demo/invitro that came in second at hype03. Uses lightwave-objects and ogg-music. Sourcecode will be included soon.
by d4rkn3ss-crew and music by WodanTJ

.. go Go GO GO! Make you go ITZI
Demo that won at Berzan Party 03. Simple and clean openGL, oldskool for your pleasure.
by bonq and guests: buzz, qdor/thcoutput and GB/solidchaos

pang pang! Kill All Sceners
Demo released at Berzan Party 03. Some p-r-e-t-t-y nice effects :-)
by misfit and guests: wodanTJ and sovdjur


Yapi Yapi - Yet another paper intro
(divx version 57mb)

Amiga trackmo for dreamhack 2002
Ended 2nd place.
by Misfit, Opentokix, Jolt, bonq, and guests: GB/solidchaos and dubmood/rzr1911

Bullpapper Bullpapper
Amiga Amos Demo for Dreamhack 2000 (78k)
Ended 4th place.
by Misfit and MrsCarrot


snopploop bne snopploop
(divx version 43 meg)
Oldschool c64 demo, with nice 3d-fx and a scroller that kicks as!
by misfit, msx by radiant

Kakpapper Kakpapper
C64 intro for dreamhack 2001
Ended 4th place.
by Misfit, MrsCarrot, bonq and guest: Jeff/Crest


Pirates! The Wärschpirate Handbook 2 - Dreams of Glory, a moving book. (36mb divx) (old 85mb version)
A moving book to educate the masses.
1st place movie/animation compo at DH 2001
by bonq, s3if3r, mrsCarrot, Trilli4n, Globe, Eldskatt

Wärschpirate Handbook The Wärschpirate Handbook (7mb swf)
Flash animation.
1st place in wildcompo at the underscore01
by bonq, MrsCarrot and jolt.

Retaliation Retaliation (13mb divx)
Wilddemo for Remedy01.
Ended 2nd place.
This is the final version, not shown on Remedy01.
by bonq, MisFit and MrsCarrot

SID SID - Dreamhack is listening. (86 meg mpg)
SID - The Party is listening. (56 meg divx)
Wilddemo for Dreamhack 99, Ended 2nd place.
by s3if3r, bonq, jolt and Globe_59

Blueberry Blueberry (15mb divx)
Wild Demo for Hype 2000.
ended 3rd place.
by Misfit


Hemkunskap Hemkunskap (849k, swf)
Release for ASUS Flash Compo at tp01, ten hour production, crappy, but HEY the idea was good! :-) What the heck, the other contributions fat-suxxed, but we came last place anyway
by bonq and s3if3r

d4rkn3ss graphic productions


Bugged Bugged
Ended 7 at hype03.
by nocturna

Freedom of Choice Freedom of Choice
Ended third place at dreamhack winter 2002
by 40ounce

Succulent Succulent
A pixel made for dreamhack winter 2002
by Trilli4n

Legend of Koutetsu Mushi Legend of Koutetsu Mushi
Ended First place at Hype 2k2!
by MrsCarrot

ship ohoy! Ship Ohoy!
A pixel for DH2001. Not shown - the crew thought it was a raytrace :-)
by Trilli4n

Eldskattsmeck Eldskattsmeck
Pixel shown at Dreamhack 01
by Eldskatt

Pix by MrsCarrot Jolt . C=64 . Tub . BoingClimber . Lick It . [.NFO]
A collection of Pixels
by MrsCarrot


raket Raket
Ended 4 at hype03.
by trilli4n

Sagan om Scenen Sagan om Scenen
Ended third place at dreamhack winter 2002
by Opentokix (or as dh-crew thinks: Opentoxic :)

Him Him
Traced Face for Dreamhack 2000
by Bonq in Lightwave [6]

Brainwaves Brainwaves
Another Trace, this time for Dreamhack 1999
by Bonq in Lightwave 5.6

Escape escape
by Bonq/Jolt


Give me an exit! Mainframe Reloaded (1024*768)
You know it's coming!
Now be prepared to enter the mainframe!
by bonq

I'll be dat! I'll be dat! (1280*1024)
Wallpaper for those of you who already know your comin, and want to make sure the rest of the world knows it.
by Globe_59

d4 demopod d4 Demopod (1280*1024)
Just a wallpaper...
by Globe_59

d4 demopod Disco wallpaper (1280*1024)
Put the d4rkn3ss disco feelings on your wall
by bonq

the writing is on the wall d4-wallpaper (1024*768)
A nice volymetric d4 wallpaper made with Lightwave. The d4 is on the wall.
by bonq

d4rkn3ss music productions

[mju:zik] In Your Datasette
SID tune
released att Mekka & Symposium 2001
by Johey

[mju:zik] Art of Drugs
SID contribution for LCP01
ended 5th place.
by Johey

[mju:zik] Wärschpirate Handbook II - Music
The music for the Wärschpirate Handbook II.
by s3if3r and Globe_59

[mju:zik] Unreal Reality
Mp3 tune
Released at Hype2k2, ended 3:d place.
by Bonq

other d4rkn3ss productions

Nerdtracker 2
Tracker for making Nestunes. (200kb)
Useless util DH 1997, Ended first place.
by Bananmos
(former member of The real nerds r us)

TP00Game TP00 Game
Just for fun, made at TheParty 2k.
by MrsCarrot

The d4rkn3ss Winamp skin
made by MrsCarrot

Pirate! The Pirate from Congo
An authentic irclog.
typing by s3if3r and bonq

SAVE ME! d4-screensaver
The official d4 screensaver, make your screen feel good!
by bonq

other stuff

DreamHack2001pics Dreamhack 2001(.zip)
by MrsCarrot

stompXP The stompXP site, join the movement. *** TEMPORARILY DOWN ***
by d4rkn3ss

Girly Girly Sequence
Flash Animation (360kb)
A Complete Melondesign ripoff,
just to test how they did it.
by bonq

Pirate! Wärsch
bonq in action.
Just for fun.
by Globe_59


Dreamhack Codex about Dreamhack 02
Codex chatted with da dark crew of the d4rk "demoklan" at dreamhack winter 2002. We also got our first ever paper-greet.
by codex

Post Jönköpings-Posten about Dreamhack 2001
Jönköpingsposten used half of their article on DH01 for d4rkn3ss - not to shabby!
by JP

under production

not ready yet... Mainframe Screensaver
by globe & bonq

not ready yet... Mainframe Invitation Demo
Nes 8bit Demo.
Invitation demo for Mainframe party.
by Bananmos, MrsCarrot, Misfit and bonq.

Ship Ohoy!

ey pirate!