Wärsch Top (\/\/är5cht0pp3|\|)

030105 - Top of the oldshool gameconsols

1. Pong. The orginal pong from Atari. Home arcade for real.
2. NES. Nintendo Entertainment System, need we say more?
3. Gameboy. I never thought a crappy yellow and grey screen could be that much fun.
4. Atari 2600. They made the impossible possible, too many games.
5. Neo Geo. The first of the "new computer age", thus much to expensive.

Not in competition, Commodore 64, still nr 1 even if it aint consol.

Berzanparty jury - Bonq, GB, Buzz, Misfit

020215 - Top of the charts - coolest Useable/useless proggs

1. A NES Theremin progg. Changes the sound pitch depending on the electromagnetic fields in its vicinity.

011228 - The top 10 nono-sleep,
(or why sleeping is for gamersch)

1. You're awake, and won't miss a thing.
2. You're awake, but still miss everything.
3. You're awake, have missed everything but you're too tired too notice.
4. You're awake, and asleep, and awake, and asleep. And the party seems to last for weeks.
5. Time slows down and everything feels like the pink hair on those little trolls you had when you where a child.
6. You can intimidate gamers with your zombie stylie.
7. Cigarettes taste even better then your own mouth.
8. Time after time you look around and see what a purgatory it is to wake up on a cold concrete floor.
9. And you can see the hell of waking up at all.
10. ... you can sleep later.

Sleepless Jury - bonq

011228 - The Party 01 Top Ten
1. The intro - yes, the lighting rocks, as did the fireworks indoors!
2. The nice cozy floor in the scene area.
3. The phatass lighting on stage - only seen it being tested, but it looks promising!
9. So far 60% of the scene area is filled with ppl... coding? noooo... playing games. TP? CS?
10. NO non-pieces-of-pig-or-cow-food at ALL. Not even a sandwich. BAD. Not even breakfast, not even MENTIONING second breakfast :-I -10. GAH! THEY DON'T HAVE JOLT IN DENMARK! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAARGH! (Speaking of which...)

Jury Duty - s3if3r

010822 - The Scene Top Whaddeva
1. Good definition of the thing we love above most other - The Scene, capital S, no pale copies allowed. Check it out!

1/2. Or, for those of us too busy coding to read stuff - Orion's This is. Telling it like it is.

Inferior jurur this time - s3if3r

010716 - The Wärsch Top 10
1. Atari ST Irc, Towermounted (Just got it to work).
2. Fingers in the armpit, Fake pr0n pictures by MrsCarrot. (1) (2)
3. Commodore 16, Yepp we've got one...
4. Pirates of Silicon Valley.
5. Old Atari Commercials.
6. Mekka & Symposium, it just gots to be here too. Pics
7. Second Reality, and it's successors.
8. Press Play On Tape.
9. Turrican II-music.
10. Misfit's Amiga Jumbojet (or maybe it's a radiator).
Grand Jury this time was Bonq, MisFit, and MrsCarrot


ey pirate!